64% of teens with cell phones have texted in class; 25% have made or received a call during class. -Pew Survey
Kids who text send an average of 118 text messages in a typical day. -The Kaiser Family Foundation

Introducing Sprint Mobile Controls

  • [icon] phone w/ lock Set their phone to lock while they're at school and after bedtime.
  • [icon] text bubble Gain insight into who your kid texts with the most.
  • [graphic] locked button Lock your teen's phone on demand during dinner or family time.
Sprint Mobile Controls helps me keep up with my kids. I love how I can see who my daughter texts with and keep her off the phone after I put dinner on the table. — Ann Garcia, Oakland, CA

More Features

Make yourself an Anytime Contact so you can always call, even when their phone is locked.

Receive insightful alerts about how your kid uses their phone.

Explore your kid's contacts to see new friends they've made.

View a list of apps installed on your teen's phone.

Stay in touch with how your family calls and texts. Sign up for your 15-day free trial.